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Tell me that you’re here to stay.

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trying to fit with a new group like


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I met this twerking, albino Raven named Pearl today. It is only one of four known albino Ravens in the whole world.

Pearl lives in this woman’s house. The handler has a permit, and the bird is property of the government (like hawks and falcons). She is affiliated with the California Wildlife Center. Every time the handler stopped petting Pearl she started cawing. She really likes affection.

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Dear past self,

When u cut off ur hair mom wont be that mad and you dont have to run away.

Ben (that’s you)

i literally just burst out into tears thanks ben 

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when the clock struck midnight she fled from the ball leaving nothing behind but one magnificent shoe

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I live in a conservative/unfunny town, so this type of thing is almost unheard of

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hash browns will be served at my wedding

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Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

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